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I do agree with 2x a week of interval schedule but this is a bit of a loaded question. It is difficult to determine under or overtraining from the information provided. What exactly does your interval training session look like? How many hours do you play matches, practice, and do other fitness each week? How intense? etc.

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While trying to build an interval training regimen into my workout program, I learned that people may actually overtrain (or under-recover) when doing interval training. Because interval training incorporate anaerobic phase, you need time to recover from it, which means one or two sessions per week of interval training would be recommended.

That got me thinking. People play different styles of tennis, of course. Some recreational players play it almost like a cardio. But for the vast majority of even recreational players, I think tennis employs a plenty of anaerobic phases, much like interval training. If so, shouldn't that affect the frequency of tennis matches (not tennis lessons or clinics) that you play? By employing the same logic for interval training, wouldn't two matches per week be more than enough?
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