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Originally Posted by TheTsongaKid View Post
What are the relative percentages of Vf and Vs to maximize a heavy topspin ball with good pace as well?
Rod Cross in article, “Physics of the Tennis Kick Serve”, ,described procedure how to calculate ball’s spin.

The racquet velocity (VR) and its components (VF, VS).

“The amount of topspin is shown in Fig. 6 with the symbol S. Experiments and theoretical estimates both indicate that S is given to a good approximation by

S = 1.45VA

where S is the spin in rpm, V is the racquet head speed in mph and A is the approach angle in degrees.

For example, if A= 0 then S = 0 meaning that there is no spin generated at all. If V = 100 mph and A = 30 degrees then S = 4350 rpm. The amount of spin therefore increases with both the speed of the racquet head and the approach angle of the racquet head. The amount of spin also depends on the speed of the incoming ball.”
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