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Full set or hybrid: Full set

Tension used for playtest: 62lbs

Regular string set up: Tourna BHB7 16g @62lbs

Racquet brand and model used for test: Pro Kennex Redondo Mid

Power of test string: Initially I found it to be super dead and wished I strung it looser, but after a few hits I found the string to have excellent controlled power. There was plenty of power there when I wanted it and took full swings at the ball, and I was bombing my serve. When I make solid contact with the sweetspot it sounded like a cannon going off.

Feel: I found the feel to be excellent for a poly, it was very crisp, but not at all harsh. It was great up at net as well.

Spin: Spin was very predictable and easy to control, it was available if I wanted it and I could hit great flat shots as well. Decent kick on the serve as well.

Comfort: at first I thought this string was very boardy, but once it settled in it was very comfortable, and surprisingly so considering how crisp it felt.

Durability: durability seem a little above average. There's some decent notching after 6 hours, but no signs of breakage so I can't really comment.

Tension maintenance: I have yet to notice any loss of control yet as of 6 hrs of play. It doesn't seem to have loosened up at all since it initially settled in.

Control : Control was excellent, very predictable trajectory. I was able to place the ball exactly where I wanted at all times, I especially noticed the high level of control when I went for hard flat shots. I was hitting winners left and right.

Compare to the string you use most often: compared to BHB7 it feels much firmer, but not necessarily in a bad way, control was better, and there was a little less spin on routine groundstrokes and kick serves.

Tension recommendations :For me I might try the tension maybe a couple of lbs lower, just to soften the bed up a little, but I think I could be happy with the way it was.

Summary: I loved the control and crispness. And I loved the sound, it sounded like no other string I've played before. This string really gave me confidence to play my game, I don't think there was anything I dislike about it.

Thanks for this oppurtunity TW!!
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