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Originally Posted by Netbudda View Post
I'll play with anyone, I don't really care provided they can sustain a rally and have a little bit of control.
Well, I have lots of control, and can sustain a rally, at least just hitting. But, because of my age, I certainly wouldn't be able to compete effectively against you in match play.

With my (formerly 4.5 level) neighborhood hitting partner, we rally for 20 to 30 minutes, where I will hit to his forehand, then backhand, etc. Then, because I'm currently unable to serve effectively due to tendinitis in my right hand, I receive serves from him for about 30 minutes. Then maybe some volleying practice. Well, you know, we vary it to make it interesting. Anyway, the point is that this guy is about your age, has very nice stroke mechanics, we hit hard, but I cannot (probably ever) hope to compete in match play against him.

If that intrigues you, then if you're going to be in the Fort Lauderdale area, then contact me and maybe we can hit.

Also, I'll furnish the new balls, the drinks, and the snacks. And if you think it wasn't worth your while, then at least you will leave with a brand new can of balls, a good sweat, and, let's see, some gas money and, OK, some Cheetos. And maybe I can put you in touch with some people and tennis resources in Fort Lauderdale that might induce you to drive a few miles south once in a while.

Originally Posted by Netbudda View Post
Don't really know anything about homa page...I don't have one.
Your profile says your home page is:
but when I click on it I get a "Server Not Found" error message.
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