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Originally Posted by seb23 View Post
Is the radical tour more polarized than the pro tour? On the tennis warehouse racket finder it says that the radical tour weighs 346g when strung, had a swingweight of 339 and is 7 points head light compared to 340g for the pro tour, a SW of 327 and 6 points head light

Most people seem to say that they are pretty much the same racket apart from the flex but surely the specs say different
I played with both of them when I was younger. The 260 had more power than the 280, and had a more head heavy balance. This was the originals made in Austria during the first couple years of production. I had always wished there was a racquet model in between them. The satellite tour twin tube was a fair compromise of sorts.

Wish I had a couple of them now to hit with for fun.
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