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first i would like to thank TW and Lux for sending me free string and a tee shirt. great job

4.0-4.5 male, semi-western/eastern FH, 1HBH top and slice. all court game with strong strokes. never met a ball i did not want to hit a winner on

strung on a CP machine 50/48 pounds. it strung well, but had some issues with coil (took some time to untangle the mess).

stick: head PP prostock. strung specs: 12.4oz, 350 SW, 7 pts HL

preferred string is alu power

quick review: for those of you who have played with Alu power, you will have similar performance with 4G. the main difference is that 4G feels a little softer but not too soft.

feel: a little softer than alu power but still a slightly crisp response. overall very nice.

power: loads of power, but controlled power, no real flyers. just the right amount to allow for hitting out.

control: this is where 4G (and alu power) really shines. the directional control is excellent either top or when flattening out balls. for me this is why i would buy these strings - superior direction control.

spin: good, not crazy like some of the geared strings out there but more than enough to control the ball. good side spin on well struck forehands

serve: i really enjoyed serving with these strings. tons of power and placement was spot on. kick servers were about average in terms of spin.

touch: i would say a little above average (for a full bed of poly). touch is not a strength so i would not be the best person to review this.

durability: after 2 hours notching has started, nothing out of the ordinary (i will break most polys in about 8 hours)

tension: felt good after playing, about the same as when i started. however i am not the best judge on tension, i dont mind playing with dead poly, keeps the ball in the court a little more.

sound: nice pop sound, hitting a hard flat serve has a canon like sound, ups the fun factor.

this is a great string for people who hit big and don't want/need a huge amount of spin (dont get me wrong there is plenty of spin). the harder one swings the better this string performs. pushers need not apply

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