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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Maybe we can cut a deal.

I won't go around saying I am a "Dutch level 6," and you won't go around saying you are "a 5.0."

'Cause it isn't true.
Ok, I am going to ask the big one. Why not?

Are you suggesting that the ITF are somehow wrong or incapable of working out the relative ratings around the world? This is not about whether or not some ALTA League only "4.0" is a USTA 4.0 or not (obviously they aren't) but whether an international player with a verified ITN computer rating (4 in my case, although it used to be 3, ahh, old age..) can be directly and accurately compared to a computer rated USTA player. Which they can.

The ITF would probably like the whole world (as opposed to almost all of it) to switch to ITN ratings, but in the case of the USA that is about as likely as y'all going metric..

But that doesn't mean 2.5 cm isn't still an inch, and you are still a Dutch level 6!!!!
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