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I playtested the new 4G string and here is my review:

Hybrid with 4G on the mains and NXT on the crosses at 55 pounds on the Wilson Prostaff 6.0.

Usual setup: M2 plus mains wit NXT crosses at 58 pounds.

Power: The string seemed to be pretty low powered on pretty much every stroke.

Feel: The feel was ok. Did not notice much difference between this and my regular setup.

Spin: Nothing spectacular with spin, but definitely above average to me.
Comfort: This felt a bit stiff at first, but once it settled in, it was a lot more comfortable than my usual setup.

Durability: So far I am about 7 hours into the playtest and the 4G is holding up great, but it will be hard to comment on this since the NXT crosses always break for me.

Tension maintenance: As I said earlier, the 4G felt a tiny bit stiff at first, but once it settled in after about a half hour, I didnít notice any tension loss after 7 hours into the test. It seems to have great tension maintenance.

Control: Control was great with this string. The trajectory was predictable as soon as I made contact with the ball and felt it come off the stringbed. It didnít matter how fast I swung or what type of shot I hit Ė I could tell where the ball was going.

After hitting with it, I would probably try to lower the tension by a few pounds because the string is so low powered. I got great control out of the string and was happy with the amount of power I got out of it, but I would like to see how much this changes at lower tensions.

Summary: The new 4G string is great. I would probably give it a 9/10 for me because I really liked the comfort, control, low power, and tension maintenance. I would definitely consider switching to this and buying a reel depending on the price.

Thanks TW!
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