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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
I agree. But the thing is, if you can hit serves at 110 mph with 20% going in, then you can potentially hit those same serves with, say, 60% or 70% going in. Personally, I don't think I could even possibly hit a serve close to 90 mph with my current old man serving motion. But, as I get more fit, and practice, there is, I have to think, hope.
This is exactly it Tom. When I first started taking tennis seriously a few years ago one of the guys actually laughed at when I said "I want to try to be a 5.0" and now that same guy doesnt say anything when he sees me play.

That serve motion in my video isnt at all like how my serve motion is now and I only brought it up to show that im very capable of squaring that face up and getting extra pace if I need to.

In time, my flat serve will be consistent enough to be used as a legitimate first serve. Right now its too unreliable, so I dont use it. As far as "oh, im so good that I dont have to use it" that's really only half of it. People at this level can be seriously hurt if I play "my maximum" because they are not ready to be on the receiving end of a big serve, overhead, or return. I'm a pretty intense player and I want to win, but since this is rec level, im not going to bust someones ear drum, give them an eye abrasion, or blow out a nuttsack just to win a point. I will always try to avoid hitting the net player at this level, because this isnt 4.0. 4.0+ I just hit wherever I want.

The "Ivo Karlovic" serve did in fact go in, but it was very close to the "T". I remember it, because this video was from our very first lesson and I gave the flat serve a chance for fun.

As far as posting a video to prove everyone wrong, that's not going to happen. I guarantee you that there will be other videos up there of me soon, but because that channel is there just to gauge my improvement and not to prove anything to TT posters, if you really want to see me play, I wouldnt hold my breath.
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