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Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post
Nooo, Cindy!! It only works on REAL ratings.

anywya, they go the other way, I think, he would be a Dutch level 7, but ONLY if he had a verifiable rating.

the flip side of this is where a USTA rated player moves overseas (it happens, really!) and wants to play in, say, Australia.

We can take his USTA rating and accurately grade him in to one our leagues, 'cos it works!

However, using your argument, the reverse would not be true, as only 'USTA computer ratings' apparently count for anything...
cindy's argument appears to be that we should cease using ntrp as an easily-understood yardstick to facilitate communication and discussion, simply because she can't be arsed asking a follow-up question about how someone has arrived at their rating if that rating becomes important

this is an utterly bizarre thread, really
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