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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
I've been saying there is potential. Even seeing the serve motion, I still have no doubt he isn't hitting 110. I doubt he is even over 100 in the swings on that video. He has a knee bend that isn't transferring up to his arm...too vertical.
Yes, I think I said somewhere back in the thread that I don't believe he's hitting close to 110 mph ... from what I've seen so far. Still, great potential, imho. He's sort of knee-jerk reacted to the sarcastic put downs of his claims. Which is probably the way I would react. I think he could probably beat most of his detractors or skeptics. That's why I excluded him from my challenge to USTA 3.0Cs.

Whatever mechanical problems you see, I think he is intelligent enough and motivated enough to improve upon.

So, I'm issuing a new challenge. I expect that by 2015 NTRPolice will be a bona fide, solid 4.5C USTA player.
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