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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
And to the person who said "lols, even if you played a 5.0, he wouldnt use his real serve on you!" he did and that was the first time ive ever been served at like that. I played with a 4.0 girl and we lost 7-5 with him serving full speed at me. He served a little easier on my partner.
Just because he served easier to your partner does not mean that he was serving 110 to you.

In ALTA levels work differently where we can have wide range of players on our team- we have former D1 guys and 4.0 guys who practice together. The former D1 guys simply don't bring out their bombs when playing against 4.0 guys. They would probably just go to the bar early rather than facing a 3.5 guy. You may think that you got their biggest serve but in a pickup match I think that is exceedingly unlikely. Even then not all of our former D1 guys can still hit 110. I just don't think you realize what a massive serve 110 is.

Seems like the easiest thing to do would be to just ask your pro how hard he thinks you serve. I do not think you will like his answer.

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