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Originally Posted by soyelmocano View Post
I would have to disagree that angle of deflection is not relevant. Imagine a racquet face that is 15 degrees open. Now try to "catapult" topspin with that. Contrarily, with a face that is 15 deg. closed, an upward swing where the strings grab and throw the ball in a initial upward direction if the speed/force of the upward swing are sufficient to overcome the downward angle.
You have lots of angles and forces either working against each other or working togetherto form each type of shot.
There is some misunderstanding. I was talking about the law of reflection.

The law of reflection states that the angle of incidence ϴi of wave reflecting from boundary is equal to the angle of reflection ϴr. So,

ϴi = ϴr.

In tennis, the angle of incidence ϴi of incoming ball reflecting from string bed is not equal to the angle of reflection ϴr and approximately

ϴr=0°. The law of reflection doesn’t work due to “Digging effect”.

Next picture supports that. I copied frames from

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