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Default When is it unsporting for the guy to hit his biggest serve in mixed?

I play 8.0 mixed, and one of my partners is a 4.0 guy. I enjoy him very much. Good serve, solid off of both wings. Pretty typical.

Anyway, we lost a close match this year. As we were leaving, he mentioned something about how he wished he hadn't held back on his serve to the woman. I replied i wished he hadn't held back either.

In light of our recent thread here in which a 3.5/4.0-ish guy said he held back to avoid hurting others, I put the two things together. Are guys in league mixed genuinely worried that they cannot hit their best serves for fear of hurting the woman?

I think it is reasonable to hold back on serving to the woman to avoid having to hit a weak second serve. Or because spin is more effective than pace. Or to avoid a DF, as there is no greater sin than DFing to the woman in mixed. But holding back on a serve to spare her a trip to the hospital?

Has anyone ever hurt a female opponent in a league match with a serve?
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