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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
I play 8.0 mixed, and one of my partners is a 4.0 guy. I enjoy him very much. Good serve, solid off of both wings. Pretty typical.

Anyway, we lost a close match this year. As we were leaving, he mentioned something about how he wished he hadn't held back on his serve to the woman. I replied i wished he hadn't held back either.

In light of our recent thread here in which a 3.5/4.0-ish guy said he held back to avoid hurting others, I put the two things together. Are guys in league mixed genuinely worried that they cannot hit their best serves for fear of hurting the woman?

I think it is reasonable to hold back on serving to the woman to avoid having to hit a weak second serve. Or because spin is more effective than pace. Or to avoid a DF, as there is no greater sin than DFing to the woman in mixed. But holding back on a serve to spare her a trip to the hospital?

Has anyone ever hurt a female opponent in a league match with a serve?
I haven't played mixed competitively in a few years. But, I always found that a kick to the backhand or a slice that made them take a few steps was a better-higher percentage play.

Unless I was in a multiple deuce service game, I wouldn't bother going big to the woman. But, if they can handle kicks and slices, they would start to see some more pace.

No, I've never hurt someone with my serve. Can't think of a time when I ever hit someone with enough pace to even threaten injury.
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