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Full set or hybrid - Full
Tension used for playtest -2 full Setups (52/50 and 50/4
Regular string set up - Tour bite 17 (50 full) or SPPP (50 full)
Racquet brand and model used for test - Yonex VCORE Tour 89
Power of test string - Low. Maybe a little to low for my game at 52/50, but 50/48 was pretty good. Wish it had just a bit more pop as it would be the perfect string for me.
Feel - Great, especially on volleys and approach shots. This is probably the best poly I have used for anything off the baseline. Would be my favorite for everything with just a bit more power.
Spin - Good spin. For me I would say predictable spin. Not crazy spin like tour bite which sometimes is a little too much and not predictable.
Comfort - Great. The string feels stiff, but somehow I feel no arm pain at all.
Durability - So far so good. Don't notice any notching and only minor wear after 6 hours.
Tension maintenance - Notice no loss of tension in six hours.
Control - Control is amazing. Predictable shots in all swings. No surprises with these strings. Love the control!
Compare to the string you use most often - I would say less spin the tour bite, but more control and comfort. Less power than SPPP, but control and predictability is WAY better.
Tension recommendations - Haven't found a preffered tension yet. 52/50 has slightly more control that 50/48, but not much. Definitely not enough power. If given another set I would try maybe 48/46.
Summary: This is easy. Like everything about the string, actually love, except for power. Wish I had another set to string lower before i have to pay
Yonex VCORE Tour 89 / Head LM Instinct Tour XL
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