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First of all it should be clarified that this is talking about league matches with teammates. Pick up matches, social mixers, or even flex doubles leagues there is more leeway.

Even take out hte people with a good kicker where that is their most effective serve against women.

But other than that I think that guys should feel free to hit their biggest serve against the woman. The woman always has the ability to step back where there isn't any significant injury risk. If they stand way back then the wide serves become dramatically more effective. Plus I think that women who play mixed have mostly gotten to the point where they can block back pace so I really don't think its a big issue.

But I'm sort of on the outside of this conversation as I'm in the camp of thinking my kicker is a higher percentage play for us. I'd rather have the woman get stretched out and have to swing at a ball that is outside of her strikezone.

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