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They always get my second serve for a number of reasons - risk of hurting someone isn't one. (Really? Can one get hurt by a serve assuming remotely similar playing levels??)
- don't find it sporting
- not to generalize but most women I play with aren't active at the net and strong serve doesn't set up a winner
- spin seems to be effective enough to win the service game
- DFing to the woman is inexcusable

The real issue I struggle with is going hard at the net woman; am mortified when I try to take a return down the line and miss a bit inside. There's a balance between competition and winning points looking like a real jerk. I know it's mixed but it's a shallow win when I feel as though I picked on the woman and not the male.

(All above assumes the typical mixed; woman .5+ less than me. I do occasionally bump into the .5 better and I wish she'd go easy on me! -- Although they are typically better due to consistency and placement, not heavy pace.)
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