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Originally Posted by bluetrain4 View Post
Though maybe not as huge of deal, I was disappointed to see that the NCAA wants to change the tournament to just a "final four" format, instead of having the last 16 teams advance to the site where the championship will be determined.
I'm actually a fan of that. Creating 4 regional sites and then the Final 4 and singles/doubles at its own site. Thinking that sites in California, Texas, Ohio, and Georgia would make sense. It would expose more fans to high level tennis on a regular basis. I'd also like to see a "Final 4" town be permanently established like Omaha is for baseball.

Logistically, I am thinking it minimizes costs for a player or doubles team that loses in round of 16 and then stays another 5-6 days to play again. Let the school/player decide when they need to arrive to play individuals. Of course, it'd be easier to do with TV coverage (a la volleyball) of the regional finals and Final Four.

Again, my proposal on televising the sport is to NOT cover doubles, lead in with highlights from the doubles point, then cover singles matches to conclusion. Networks can do this in a 2 hour time block with few matches going over that time (4-3 or 4-2 matches with multiple 3 setters). A shortened format is NOT necessary. Matches get suspended upon clinching anyways.

For a TV example:

2:00 - start Doubles point - 10 minute warm up
3:20 - start singles 10 minute warm up
3:30 - start TV coverage and singles matches
5:30 - end TV coverage
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