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Originally Posted by Surecatch View Post
The day after the match, having slept on it, and I'm trying to think about what I can learn about my game from the match, and about him in particular since I'll be meeting him again later in the schedule.

1. I need to continue to persevere with the grips and proper mechanics. It was getting easier and more comfortable by the end of the match. I need to be conscientious of continuing with it.

2. I need to concentrate on the ball more, on watching it into my strings, seeing it, and keeping proper form while I do. I have started bouncing a tennis ball on my walk into work and catching it, dribbling it, ricocheting it against against anything in my path and catching it again...all the while keeping my eyes on it. I'm trying to train my hand-eye coordination specific to tennis into second nature.

3. I need to strike the ball better, which I know will improve as I train myself to see the ball better. I framed more shots than I should...I might have gotten that fifth game break in the second set if I had better sight of the ball. I could have taken the set and then, who knows.

4. I need to give him more pace. He thrives on lack of pace because he can use it to misdirection me and catch me flat footed. I was concentrating on the grips, form, and mechanics of my groundies as per my game plan, so I wasn't providing a lot of pace. I think if I did that, he would be forced into a defensive posture and then make more errors and not be able to dictate points.

5. I need to step up my efforts on service. Same thing, I was concentrating so much on doing it right that I wasn't really hitting exceptionally hard. I could continue that, but I feel like I need to push it now in order to improve.

Thoughts on my observations? I would welcome them.
Some good analysis!

Just a few suggestions.

1. In addition to watching the ball, also try to keep your head still as it will help you avoid framing the ball.

2. Pace is good, but IMHO, I'll take a high,deep ball over a ball with pace that lands short. A high, deep ball will usually keep your opponent on the defensive or at least keep the rally neutral.
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