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Thank you TW for letting me take part on this playtest!
This is what I posted directly on the Luxilon FB page:

Had a great playtest with the Luxilon 4G!
Some quick info on me:
I play with a Babolat AeroPro Control. Full western grip, play with moderate spin and flats whenever I can. Two-handed backhand, and an all-court player.
Played on a full bed @ 54 lbs. Strung on a Babolat AeroPro Control MP. Always played on hard court.
At first impression, I thought it would be a stiff string. Just judging by a quick rub when it was in the packaging, I was afraid that my arm is going to flare up again. But it was a co-poly, and knowing that those are softer than a standard poly, I gave it a go.
It surprised me! It was actually quite soft to the touch! The feel reminded me of a string I used long ago: Tourna Big Hitter Blue. It felt soft, almost as soft as a synthetic. But it had that great pop and feel from a poly.
As for power, there was plenty to go around. Spin was fine, especially since it's not a textured co-poly. There was enough for it to get around and get some spin on those kick serves. But if someone was looking for pure spin, they'd obviously go for a textured string.
Control was quite good. I was able to keep the ball precise, both at baseline and net.
And the best part, it held its tension quite well! Played on for quite a bit, and it's still not dead yet, or at least to my standard.

So yes, if someone is looking for a great all-around string with a soft feel, and doesn't want to give up power, and long string life, this a great choice!

Thanks so much Luxilon for letting me partake in this playtest! It was a very rewarding experience!
Babolat AeroPro Control MP. BLACK RACQUET 98T
Genesis Black Magic 17g @ 54/56 lbs
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