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I'm actually a fan of that. Creating 4 regional sites and then the Final 4 and singles/doubles at its own site. Thinking that sites in California, Texas, Ohio, and Georgia would make sense. It would expose more fans to high level tennis on a regular basis. I'd also like to see a "Final 4" town be permanently established like Omaha is for baseball.
For all the reasons you mentioned pairing down to a final four, maybe even a double elimination event would make for a lot of good tennis available to a lot of people, including the fans, families, and friends.

The 6 game pro set, 10 pt breaker instead of a full third NOT good ideas at all unless the goal is to eliminate some of the foreign student athletes.

Most of the foreign players, and other top Americans use the NCAA system as a development transition tool to the pro's. If your goal is to weed out those who's longer term goal is pro tennis. This would certainly contribute to that goal.
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