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Default Control up the Ying-Yang!

Thanks Luxilon & TW(and especially Jon) for the playtest and t-shirt. How did you know my size?

Playing level: 4.5 16 year old counterpuncher, really consistent, no big power on groundies or serves, fastest serve is 95 MPH. 5' 10", 110 LBS. I get to every ball, and love running back and forth

Full set or hybrid: Full bed.
Tension used for playtest: 52
Regular string set up: Pro Supex Big Ace 16 @ 56 lbs.
Racquet brand and model used for test: Wilson K Six One Team 95 (18x20)

Power of test string: These were the lowest powered poly strings I have played with to date. Granted, Big Ace is pretty powerful for poly, but I found that Topspin Cyber Flash(which I think is low powered) was more powerful for this. I didn't like the low power for serves. Probably should have strung it even lower.

Feel: I wasn't crazy about the feel, as one poster said, it felt brassy. No spring at all, lower tension or hybrid would help. Also didn't have enough put away power for stretch volleys. I will say that my slices were sick. This is the best slicing string I have used.

Spin: Slightly less than average spin for a smooth poly, probably a flat hitters string due to low power. Spin was available, but no crazy BHBR spin. I expected more from a Luxilon string.

Comfort: The feel was not good, but I didn't have any pain or soreness. Luxilon ALU gave me a sore arm, so this is definitely softer than that.

Durability: I'm at the 10 hour mark, and they look like they have a couple more hours left. Note: I'm more of a counter puncher, not a hard hitter

Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable): I'm really surprised in this department, because Luxilon strings are supposed to die quickly, but this one is only feeling dead after 10 hours. It lost a bit of tension after the first 20 minutes hitting, but stabilized after that until the eighth hour where it started dropping again. Again, I'm not a hard hitter.

Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?): This is where 4G really stood out. I was swinging for the fences and it was going in! I thought Big Ace had really good control, but this surpasses it by a country mile. It probably helps that it's low powered...

Compare to the string you use most often: Compared to Pro Supex Big Ace, this string is really low-powered, has great control, less spin, less comfort and touch, and better slices. Being low-powered does not help my serve.

Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?): I would string this at 46 LBS. next time because of the really low power and low spin.

Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
Like 1: Really great control.
Like 2: Slices were phenomenal
Dislike 1: Low-powered(especially on serves)
Dislike 2: Feel wasn't good.
3 Wilson K Six.One Teams, 325 grams, 2 pts. HL ,SW 334, Pro Supex Big Ace 16 lime @ 56 lbs. Proud owner of a Klippermate!
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