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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Connors and Ashe is a lot more complicated than just hate. I've seen them laughing and joking together when Ashe was on TV interviewing Connors. Borg and Vilas were close friends initially, but grew apart after Vilas got closer to Tiriac.

As for Gerulaitis, he obviously didn't like Lendl, as mentioned, and also had a big falling out with Fibak. There was mutual loathing between Gerulaitis and Fibak in their 1980 French Open and 1980 Wimbledon 5-set matches.

Connors and Tanner was always an intense rivalry, but I always thought they had respect more than hate.

Could Connors have shaken Vilas' hand, considering that the court was swamped with fans in an instant following that controversial linecall that ended the match? What was undeniable is that Connors was very bitter about how that match ended.
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