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Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post
can of worms time.

is it worth considering different ratings for singles and doubles?

I have a national open singles ranking, but I'm rubbish at (high level) doubles, Cindy soundsl like an excellent doubles player but is a self confessed bunny on the singles court.

It is kind of like the Bryans vs Fed, both awesome, but they are almost different sports!

I guess my point is that an NTRP computer rating derived only from doubles has no meaning in terms of a singles tournament. Sure, a player MIGHT be equally good at both forms, but in reality few are.

just putting it out there.
i dont think so. most ppl who are substantially poorer at one kind of tennis don't play enough of it to get an accurate rankin at it anyway

in that case, the best 'guesstimate' is still gunna be to use ur main rankin to work it out

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