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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
He certainly could end up a 4.5. I'll bet against 2015. That would mean 3 bumps up in 3 years. I havent seen someone accomplish that. I'd put the over-under on 2017...slightly ahead of his own prediction (by age 35 = 2019).
There's no way id want to be a 4.5 by 2015, even if I could. I wanted to be a 4.0 in ability and rating by 2015. I wanted to be a 4.5 by 2020. My time is running out which is why im voluntarily playing up while not self rating up. I had a recent talk with my 7.0 team about this because they wanted to me to stay down because im obviously more valuable as a 3.0 than as a 3.5 or 4.0.

My theory is that I have to start now if I ever want to get there. I have the rest of my life to come down in ratings if thats what it has to be, even with the minimum changes to self rates and expired ratings.

Not everyone plays down like Cindy. Yeah, she may be a 4.0 B, but she's playing 3.5 ROFL because her record at 4.0 is terrible.

Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post
can of worms time.

is it worth considering different ratings for singles and doubles?

I have a national open singles ranking, but I'm rubbish at (high level) doubles, Cindy soundsl like an excellent doubles player but is a self confessed bunny on the singles court.

It is kind of like the Bryans vs Fed, both awesome, but they are almost different sports!

I guess my point is that an NTRP computer rating derived only from doubles has no meaning in terms of a singles tournament. Sure, a player MIGHT be equally good at both forms, but in reality few are.

just putting it out there.
There are many factors to NTRP. Singles vs. Doubles is one of them. You also have age and gender to take into consideration.

TBH, type of rating doesnt matter. Only time does in this aspect.

The only fair rating system is "open". Any "handicap" or "bracketing" system can be abused.

I watched the Pospisil/Raonic vs. Nadal/Djoker

That was an exciting match. I also believe its more common to have a wildcard advance in doubles as it is in singles.

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