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Originally Posted by karth500 View Post
I dont think its that. The bed still feels pretty lively and I have been playing on this current string job for 10-12 hours maybe. How often do you restring bhbr?

I made the mistake of experimenting with a 1hbh for a couple of days last week. That made the elbow pain much worse. I may just need to take a couple of days off and see if the soreness settles down. Although the weather is awesome now! Really want to be out there and make the most of what's left of this summer.
Well most people here say around 10 hours is the max playability for average level players. I'd cut it out to be sure, but bhbr 17 is really soft and 17 guage tends to die a tiny bit quicker. When a string goes dead it doesn't always mean it feels stiffer. Take your health seriously over equipment.
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