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Originally Posted by yonexpurestorm View Post
no worries inner game. i actually do agree with you that i am playing tennis recreationally. i dont plan on going pro and making a living from tennis. i do it strictly because it is fun for me. and playing at the highest level i can makes it even more enjoyable. i guess you could say i play tennis recreationally in a very competetive environment. a lot of the guys in these tournaments are like me, but most of them are college players, guys that tried the tour, coaches, juniors and ex college players. sometimes its crazy to see the level of play that shows up at these tournaments. this last tournament i played the winner received somewhere around $ 2000, and the guy i lost to 2-6 3-6 lost in the final to an ex UCLA player. while i do play strictly for fun, i do think most of these other guys would think differently.

for me, i did probably set an unattainable goal to get a point. i know it will probably not happen, but i do have mini goals along the way that i mark off as i go. the point is not to game the system to get a point in iran or something. even though if i am ever in iran or asia and have a chance to enter a tournament im sure i would, but the point is to improve my game to the highest level possible and thought it would be interesting to document my progress on TT. im turning 28 this year and figure i have a few more good years to improve before my body wont allow it anymore. just look at Tony Larson, a few years ago he was playing for fun and now has a chance at getting a point today. guys like that prove that perserverance is key for success.
As long as you have foot speed you can play (at the local open levels) into your mid 40's but once you lose a step or 2....time to concentrate on doubles. I have been a USPTA Pro since 1980 so I have played hundreds of matches against nationally ranked and some world ranked players hovering in the 300-500 range...
At your age if you have the desire and skill you will start to learn how to win...once you learn how to becomes a lot easier. I think all of us in the beginning even if we had better strokes lost to lessor skilled players. But like I said once you learn how to win and how it feels to win you will set yourself for about a decade of winning 90% of your matches.
Good luck keep us posted..
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