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Details (written by Sol earlier this week): I created this event as a response to the attack on junior tennis by the USTA. This attack has now spread to the collegiate tennis ranks with rules changes now be proposed to damage that as well. This tournament represents what is great about our sport and needs your support to help make a statement. The tournament is this weekend, with matches starting on Friday afternoon. If you are OK with the shortening of matches. If you are OK with limitations of exposure. If you are Ok with matches being decided by playing a super tie-breaker for the 3rd set, then don't come. If you are not, here is your chance to help drive home that point. Have your people come in and play this tournament under a different set of rules. Let the kids compete for an unbelievable prize. Winners receive a one year Adidas clothing and footwear sponsorship package. If you want in, you have about 24 hours left to enter. Call me at 410-687-6400 or email me at sol@******** with any last second questions. Actions speak louder than words. Everyone talks of their unhappiness about where junior tennis is headed. The last couple of days, everyone is talking about their unhappiness with where college tennis is now headed. Come so something about it! Step up! I need to see you here in Baltimore this weekend. Make a sacrifice to help stop the attack on our sport! Thanks. Sol Schwartz