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Set up: Full set strung at 57 lbs on a volkl pb mid 10 (16x19)

Power: This string is best for those who prefer to supply their own power. Although the 4G lands more on the lower powered poly side, it does offer exceptional control.

Spin: I was able to generate heavy topspin on serves and forehands. Compared to other co-poly strings, this would rank above average

Feel: Great "popping" feedback. You can really feel it grip the ball like solinco tour bite.

Comfort: Relative to other co-poly strings, 4G felt much more comfortable, though it is still a bit stiff.

Tension/Durability: After 15 hrs of playing the strings still feel lively and elastic.

Control: With the spin potential and low powered characteristics of the string, it offers great control. I felt that I was able to swing with heavy head speed while still being able to place it.

Tension recommendation: For me, 57 lbs is perfect for co-poly strings, but I would recommend 53-55 lbs for more comfort, sacrificing spin and control.

Likes: spin, tension maintenance, and comfort.
Dislikes: cost
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