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Originally Posted by HIGH-TECH TENNIS View Post
Shame on the junior tennis community for not stepping UP to support this weekend's ********-adidas "ALL IN" Junior Tennis Challenge! Tourney creator Sol Schwartz worked his heart out to make a difference & pleaded with coaches & players to be part of it. Soo many agreed - "yay-go sol-great idea" but talk turned out to be cheaper than ever: TWELVE PLAYERS signed up. What a shame!
HTT, I think you get too emotional about this. I mentioned a link to this tournament in another thread, saying it sounded like the big kid's version of the "Little Mo" and parents should check it out.

I also feel bad for Sol and Holobaird sport that tried to organize this tourney but I understand a lot of limitations it would be.
1. This is a brand new tourney. Though it was mentioned and promoted in a few blogs but still it is new to parents and players.
2. It is in Maryland. Not many parents can justify the cost of traveling from far away.
3. The fee is ~$100, close to national tourney fee, last time I check.
4. It is an open for 18s. If your child is 13-14 and not Koslov, will you consider this tourney?

Even with better ads, most likely it will attract local players the first year.
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