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Originally Posted by rommil View Post
Coffee mug serial killer.
And why there's now a 'mug shot' of dear Lois on the precinct wall.

Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
How many husbands does this woman have and how long will it be before she kills them all?
Well, as of April Fool's Day, 2012 she had 1 .... WHACK!!! ..... that number now resides at zero.

Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
Since it was during breakfast, she is a cereal killer.
While she was eating a bowl of Captain Crunch.

Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
I hate to sound like the "board police" but yes, when you start a thread, you should look past page one to see if it's been posted.

Doing a search !!! C'mon, people don't think twice before creating a thread title, and usually don't bother to spell correctly even in the title.

Anyway, I really am beginning to sound like a school headmaster

Peace n love, Senti.
Senti, thanks. That said, we probably agree that Marius is top shelf. Now, having said that, I would view any other complaints regarding onerous and burdensome "2nd-page" retrieves from, for example, denizens of the "League Matches" section, (e.g.): "my 1st serve hit a grasshopper that landed on the court outside the service line, but riccochets off of the insect WITHOUT hitting the court surface and clearly landed "IN" - I claimed the point but my opponents had the connsumate gall to claim the point....who's right??...aggghh!!" more about the fact that, for better or whatever, the TT's landscape has changed big time. (as much fun as it's been over the years, maybe should start rethinking this TT thang altogether...) :-l

Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
After all, I'm not the one getting murdered, so what difference does it make to me?
I'll give you a thousand bucks Mr. Macabre Machivellian if you can get her autograph ..... (two thousand bucks if you can get Lois to include an "August, 2012" date)
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