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I understand where your coming from , for a guy who plays tennis a lot at a 3.5 level and being 5'4 inches tall it called the Napoleon complex and its a rough life you go through but I am there for you if you need to talk or you need help with finding a step- ladder I can help you sore to new heights you never thought were possible .

Hang in there lil guy its all good but don't lash out it will cause and ulcer !
Brad, don't write about yourself that way. I don't play tennis that much but I like it. BTW, I am impressed that you actually know who Napoleon was. I guess you have to have some brains to work your way around the system.

I don't know what you did, but you sure know how to grease the wheels. I guess the wheel that makes the loudest noise will get the grease, no matter how crappy the wheel is. People will know that the kid didn't get there based on his results. We all know that. That is why the US tennis system is going down the drain. I think kids should get a shot based on his/her results not based on how tight the elbows of the inner circle.

Good job Brad for getting your kid to the junior Open considering he didn't even get to the quarter in solCal event. That's why people say it's who you know to get you what you want. Brad can grease wheels. Were you a part-time mechanic by chance on top of your full-time job being a massage therapist?
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