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my regular string set up genises black magic 52 pounds tension racquet is POG 90
I strung the string at 52 pounds full set

Power: thought the string had good power on both ground strokes and serve

Feel: the string had a very soft feel for a poly unlike other luxilon strings and is also simular to the feel of luxilon savage.

Spin: string gave plenty of spin on serves and ground strokes both top spin and slices.

Control/durability: had very good control durability seemed good so far for about 14 hours of play.

tension: tension maintance was good felt a differnce in feel at about 12 hours of play

the 4G string is simular to the black magic same feel has a little more spin also has more power

liked this string a lot as far as feel and play ability did had difficulty stringing due to memory of string and kinked a lot, also wished it came in more colors aand probably carries a high price like most luxilon strings
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