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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
What level player are you?
Sorry, haven't checked this post for a while. Level is 4.0+, age 53, travelling solo. What I'm looking for is a warm climate with a hospitable tennis scene. Mix of clay and hard courts would be a bonus, but either works fine. Some place where I'm not too far from the water and can get a nice rental at a reasonable price for a couple of months (say Jan. through March). Studio or 1 bedroom with kitchen facilities would do nicely. Would like to play a couple of hours most days and then also have access to evening social activities. Don't want any place that targets primarily retirees. Budget would probably be in the range of $2000 per month, don't know if that is doable. I can move higher, but a $4000/month rental isn't in the cards.

I know its all very general, just trying to put some focus around my thinking so I can start exploring options.

If I had Leaf tickets I would gladly give them up. Slim chance of that team doing anything in the foreseeable future.

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