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I am a former college player, currently rate myself a 5.0 with an all around game.

Racquet - wilson six one 95 16x18

I played with this string side by side with my usual set up.

Usual string - babolat rpm 17 at 54 lbs (my go to string for the past year, to me there is nothing out there like it, i know its not very popular on these boards)

I strung this string at 54 lbs full bed

Power- minimal power, felt like i had to work hard to get any pace. i felt rpm was far more lively.

Feel- decent feel at the net, softer than ALU but still similar. again i preferred rpm's feel.

Spin - no comparison here as this was not this particular string's strength. Rpm by a mile here.

Control - i think that this was this string's strength as it was a predictable and controlled string.

Durability - pretty decent here, about the same as i get with the rpm (3 - 4 hours).

tension - string broke after 4 hours of drilling (hit lots of balls) and the tension maintance was quite good, better than rpm (but i like when rpm drops just before it breaks)

Overall i was not impressed with this new offering from Luxilon. They said that 2 yrs in the making, i expected more. I think it was more similar to BBO in many ways which i don't mind but i found rpm blast in a different league, livelier and more user friendly. I know most think rpm is not worth the price but to each his own, i have tried many polys and continue to come back to rpm. Maybe I will try cyclone next...

Thank you tw for the opportunity to review, hope this was helpful
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