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Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post
oh dear lord!

might be a translation issue here, lol, in this part of the world a 'bunny' is someone who is, well, crap at a sport, or at least an aspect

for example, in cricket, many of the best bowlers (think 'pitcher') are 'bunnies' with the bat. (ie, useless)
There is a usage of "bunny" here in the States that sort of combines both aspects of the term. The "bunny hill" at a ski resort is where you go if you are just learning or if you never got past the beginner stage. It also has (more so in the past) the implication that you just like to wear cute ski outfits and are not particularly there for the skiing.

Also - I think separate Singles and Doubles ratings are a good idea as I am much better in singles than dubs. I can hold my own just fine in 4.0 singles but keep wondering why there are so many people around at those rare times I play doubles - lol.
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