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Regular String Setup: Genesis Black Magic 17 @ 52 in Wilson Pro Open. I've been testing others, though.
Playtest Setup: Full stringbed @ 52 in Wilson Pro Open

Power: I would say this is low powered compared to my normal setup. I would compare the power level to Solinco Tour Bite.

Feel: Nice even feeling from the stringbed. Middle of the road compared to other poly's I've tested.

Spin: Spin was about what I would expect from this string. I would say it was a touch better than Black Magic, but nowhere near what you can get from most shaped string.

Comfort: I found this to be very comfortable for a stiffer poly string. Not as mushy as Black Magic, but I have been enjoying the crisper response.

Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable): So far about 5 hours in, and it feels the same. There was an initial break-in, but seems to have evened out. Everything felt a little more crisp for the first hour or so.

Durability: A little notching, which is typical for me.

Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?): I feel this is where this string really shines. To me, this string is a really good combination of power, spin, and stiffness to give me a very reliable response on all shots. I felt great contol on serves, groundstrokes, and volleys.

Compare to the string you use most often
Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?): I would probably be interested to go down 3-4 pounds as a comparison.

Summary: The string coiled up on me a bit when stringing, but that's just because of the stiffer feel. Strangely, it doesn't play that stiff, however. I would rate this as an excellent string that provides a great combination of everything. Nothing will knock your socks off, but no real weaknesses either.

Thanks TW and Luxilon for the opportunity!
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