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Default Could tension loss be due to bad technique?

Hi all,

Last night, I restrung my racquet and recorded the tension with my stringmeter at about 50 lbs (varied a lot by which part I tested, I guess I am not that good at stringing). Today, after playing with it once, I measured it again and it has lost 3-4 lbs of tension compared to yesterday. Could this be due to inexperience with stringing in any way? I did keep the racquets in my tennis bag in my car all day while I was at work and it reached 83 degrees F peak temperature today, but my other racquet did not lose any tension from this even though it was in the car as well, so I doubt that it was the car (didn't feel all that hot when I got in, it was cloudy for a lot of the day).

Any help is appreciated, because it is pretty frustrating when you invest in a stringer so that you don't have to pay for restringing services and wait for restringing, yet you can't control what you want because you are so bad at stringing.
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