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Luxilon 4G String Test

Initial impressions: The string came packaged in a nice bubble wrap envelope, with a card enclosed that explains where to post the string review on Luxilon’s Facebook Page. The string itself is a pleasant gold color and seems to have “micro channels” that run the length of the string. Upon cutting off the zip ties that held the string, it did not have excessive coil memory. In the process of uncoiling the string, it did not have excessive coil memory. For a co-poly sting it feels fairly supple.

Stringing the Racket: My racket of choice is a Head Liquidmetal Radical MP. The racket is stock, with no modifications other than putting an over grip on the handle. Since early this summer, I have been consistently using a hybrid set-up of Gosen OG sheep micro 17 on the mains and a co-poly (usually Gosen Polyon 17) on the crosses. This combination gives me exceptional feel and access to plenty of spin. For this string test, I was tempted to use the 4G for both the mains and the crosses, but I finally decided to use it in the crosses so that I could compare it more effectively with my current preferred hybrid string set-up. My preferred sting tension for my normal hybrid setup is 53 on the mains and 48 on the crosses and for this string test, I mirrored those tensions.

My stringer is a Gamma Progression II - lock out-style stinging machine with a six-point mounting system. After cleaning and mounting the racket, I set the tension dial at 53 pounds for the mains. I quickly strung the mains and moved on the task of putting the 4G in the crosses. After setting the tension at 48 pounds I commenced weaving the first two rows and making the starting knot. Making the starting knot was fairly easy because the 4G is supple and not as stiff as other co-poly stings I have used in the past. The starting knot pulled down easily. I noticed immediately that this string notches very easily, so I was careful when pulling the string through the mains to fan the string so as not to notch them. What was also apparent was the softness of this co-poly string. It is supple and does not have any tendency to kink or knot up. When I pulled tension, this string required very little manipulation to prevent it from “smiling”. Weaving the crosses was a bit easier than other stiffer co-poly’s that I have used in the past. The process of stringing the crosses was uneventful and the finishing knot was easy to tie. Since I prefer not to stencil my rackets, I cannot give any impressions as to how stencil ink adheres to this string.

After I finished stringing the racket, I took it out of the stringer and gave the string bed a few solid thumps on the heel of my hand. There is no excessive vibration and the racket makes the nice dull pinging sound to which I am accustomed. The combination of the white Gosen mains and the gold Luxilon Crosses looks nice in my frame.

Playing Impressions:

Power of test string – The power of 4G string is comparable with the other hybrid stings I have been using this summer.
Feel – The feel of the 4G string is comparable with the other hybrid stings I have been using this summer.

Spin – The spin that I get from this hybrid set up is comparable with the other hybrid stings I have been using this summer.

Comfort - The comfort that I get from this hybrid set up is on par with the other hybrid stings I have been using this summer.

Durability – I am not a big string breaker and these strings are holding up so far after about 10 hours of hard play.

Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable) – Ongoing, but at the 10 hour mark the stings are still holding enough tension to be playable.

Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) – This setup provides predictable trajectory and is equal to my normal strings when using the various strokes during the course of a match.

Compare to the string you use most often – All-in-all this string is equal to the hybrid combination I have been using this summer. As indicated above the 4g is in the crosses and they are holding tension adequately.

Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) – I am satisfied with the tension I used. Just like my regular hybrid setup, the 4G in the crosses provides good feel, adequate spin and access to the same amount of power as my regular setup.

Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes – Likes: feel and color of the string. Dislikes – tendency to want to notch during stringing and string tends to kink easier than some other co-poly’s I have worked with.

Conclusions:Overall, I have been satisfied using 4G as the crosses in my hybrid set-up. It provides me with the same feel, power, access to spin, etc. as my normal set-up. It has held tension better than the inexpensive Gosen Polyon that I normally use in the crosses. Since I do not have a Facebook account, I am posting this review in this thread only. I want to give a big thank you to TW and Luxilon for giving me the opportunity to play-test this string.


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