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Originally Posted by toly View Post
Should you apply during impact your own additional force to help them to do this work? Even if you add your maximum force during collision the result would be negligible. We have to collect kinetic energy during our forward swing. That’s why there is no short swing in professional tennis when pros hit hard strokes.

So, when we scrutinize real collision of racquet and ball we can ignore the additional force completely!!!
Toly, you're missing the point. Your trying to use a simplistic model that's designed to describe the collision of 2 billiard balls or similar situations. In this situation, there is a force being exerted by the person on the racket before, during, and after impact. This force is constantly changing with respect to time, because racket head acceleration is not a constant. In order to understand the movement of the racket or ball, a mathematician or physicist would probably need to use a differential equation or some other more sophisticated method to describe the aggregation of forces on the racket coming from the collision with the ball and the force being exerted by the person(which will be continuing to act on the racket through and after impact.)

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