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Originally Posted by tennisinoc View Post
Anyone have feedback on Pro Hurricane 18 as a cross?
RSI has it as #2 in the stiffness chart.
I have! VsTouch/Hurricane Pro 1.18 at 62/59 lbs in a 98 sq inch head (rdis100mp).
Besides that the tension was too much, I'd say it is not a good gut/poly cross string. It dies really fast. The power level drops fast after 2 hours. It also chews in the mains more than you would expect. I had no arm issues with it, but I had to restring pretty fast because it died.
I've found that TimothyO was right about the msv co-focus and msv focus-hex. They are really good for crosses. They age very well, they are soft and smooth.
I copied my current setup from TimothyO. I use bio200 with vstouch/focus-hex at 56/53 (maybe 57/54 next). Beautiful combination of power, spin, comfort and touch.
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