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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
I say it depends on what copoly you put in the cross. I usually go with a 5 or 6lbs difference because natural gut is way too powerful at lower tension range so I have mine strung at 58lbs for natural gut mains and 52 or 53lbs for copoly cross.

If it's Luxilon string, I go even further down to 49lbs as it is much stiffer than the newer generation of copolys.
Other than hybriding with gut where I agree with a tighter tension on the gut when set as mains that 2 or 3 pound diff with poly syn gut multi hybrid combos is nothing short of mental floss. Tension loss will exist anyways and what you are looking for is a stringed reference at the end that you like. And if your string that loses tension faster starts lower significantly then you get into the realm of changing the characteristics of the racquet and possibly it's true natural engineered shape. Any REC player should not waste time doing this with a racquet that will be used for more than one or two hours of play. Stay with one tension and adjust up or down to find your overall reference.
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