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Originally Posted by SlapShot View Post
Strung up one of my sticks with Pacific Classic/PL Evolution last night - had a lesson scheduled today, but my coach had to cancel due to a family emergency, so I may not get to hit with it until this weekend.

I will certainly say that it strung up nicely for a poly - it felt stiff coming out of the package but weaved quite well. I think it seems softer on the stringing side than PL2, but maybe I'm just crazy.
As an update, I've got a couple of hours on the Pacific Classic/PLE setup. So far, playability is very good, spin is very good, but the feel is just a little bit more muted than I like. It's certainly useable, and I'll use it until it is worn out, but I think I'd look for something a touch more crisp over the long run.

For people wanting a softer poly to cross with gut, I'd say PLE is in the running for sure. It's got good amounts of pop and ample bite.
Back to the Prestige MP. Should have never deviated.
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