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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
really? cause Luxilon and the TW reviewers are saying this is one of the best strings in maintaining tension.
and still confused about power. One reviewer saids it is very powerful and another one states it is low powered so i am confused on that.
Everyone is confused about "power", with both strings and racquets. If you look at the TW racquet reviews you'll also see wild swings between players' perceptions of racquet power.

The truth is that there is very little difference in power between different racquet models. A little more difference in strings, but only when comparing completely different materials, like natural gut vs. poly or kevlar. The difference between one copoly string and another, in terms of actual speed of shot, is very small, less than 1 mph.

All this talk of power originated with the racquet and string manufacturers, who have to have something with which to lure in buyers. But it's mostly BS.

When people talk about power differences between strings or racquets they are really discussing actual power - ball speed - but also the angle at which the ball comes off the strings (which is the primary determinate of depth), as well as the feel of impact and how quickly the ball leaves the strings (dwell time).

The problem is that we're not equipped, as humans, to separate the actual from the perceptual. When someone says such and such a string is more powerful than another what they are actually saying is that such and such a string seemed more powerful to them. Another player might have the opposite experience. And neither of them really know for sure.

This forum is sustained by babbling about string "power", so you can expect some nasty responses to this post. But just pick a string that feels good and allows you to hit the shots you want and try not to get caught up in illusions of powerful equipment.
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