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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
So you are saying that at Rochester Institute of Technology, if an athlete has a question about NCAA compliance, the AD advises the athlete to come to a determination about legality on his own? Or maybe it was unique that just you got the brush-off.

Even for a D3 school that doesn't award athletic scholarships, the first word that comes to mind is "appalling".

At D1 programs that I am familiar with, the Compliance Director convenes a "Compliance Team Meeting", or whatever, prior to the start of practice to go over rules and answer questions. My experience is that athletes are advised and encouraged to contact the Compliance Department whenever they think there might be the remotest possibility of an issue.

For all college athletes out there, if you think there might be an issue, get clearance from the Compliance Dept. If the AD tells you to buzz off, don't engage in the questioned activity............and be prepared for your program, I don't know when, but someday, to suffer compliance problems
I am thinking it is the latter. Tennis at RIT is kind of bottom rung, IN MY OPINION, since both of our men's and women's hockey teams are D1.

We do have a meeting like that, but it is a large group meeting with all of the RIT teams.

I read through the link that you posted and found this:
"You are not eligible in any sport if, after you become a student-athlete, you accept
any pay for promoting a commercial product or service or allow your name or picture
to be used for promoting a commercial product or service. [Bylaws and]"

I probably do not understand it fully, but I believe that this rule is for service outside of the school. I think in my case here it is referring to running a stringing business out of my apartment, but as I said, I may not be understanding the rule fully.
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