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Have you ever seen the RSI playtest reports? Opinions on power can vary greatly. The experience of power can depend on stroke style. Jason's heavy topspin forehand probably caused the lateral displacement of the mains followed by a powerful snapback. Perhaps this was experienced as more power. Also, lower tensions can cause a higher trajectory, resulting in more depth, which can be confused with power. Things like power and spin are more player-dependent than not. Pete Sampras' leaded Pro Staff 85 was extremely powerful because of the mass. But it requires someone strong and advanced enough to unlock that mass. Therefore a 3.5 might find it dead, whereas an open player with more strength and flexibility might be able to get the mass moving. This player is more likely to say the 85 is powerful. Which is to say: the experience of spin and power and even comfort is heavily relational (to gear, stroke, perception). Now, if TW wanted to, they could frame each response inside the theoretical context found in Tennis Warehouse University; they could exhaustively explain the physics behind each players experience - and then each review would be 40 pages. And then you'd see all the message board scientists come out of the woodwork to challenge every claim. Eventually, you'd come to the conclusion that words like power raise more problems than not - and you'd retreat back to the amniotic comfort of marketing cliches where every string does everything. . . because at the end of the day you just need the customer to buy the damn string so you can go home and have a beer.

I get calls all the time from parents who want to buy the string that will allow their kid to hit with Nadal's spin. At some point in the answer I try to get them to see that the operative word is Nadal.

I Agree with corners. Pick something that feels right. At the end of the day, the most accurate statement might be "this feels good to me."

And if you want more power, take a lesson, do some strength/flexibility work. Maybe lead-up the shoulders ... and swing faster!

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