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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
But I would be in favor. Yes, it introduces a bit more luck into things, but it would go both ways - server might get a lucky ace that hits the net cord and dribbles over, but would also get more faults on serves that hit the tape and take a large hop out.
Can't see how that would produce more faults, that's already a fault.

Still, I'd be mildly in favor of this perhaps imaginary proposed rule change. The "dribble over" serves would be annoying, but there are at least as many or more "whack the tape and bounce up high and become a sitter" lets.

A few people have said they've never experienced many "phantom" let calls. I have. Might be more common with older players (not talking about myself, you understand.) They hear something around the time the serve is crossing the net, maybe their jaw popping or a small blood vessel bursting in their head, and they call a let when the serve seemed to have plenty of clearance.
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