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There's no definitely right answer to come up with such a short list(10 players). As I've stated in my previous post, it's gets more cloudy/subjective as you move further down the list. You can throw in Connors or Rosewall and remove any two players from bottom list and that wouldn't make any difference since it's all debatable.
I just dont see how Rosewall could be one of those borderline for the bottom of the top 10. The guys longevity is unparalleled in the history of the game even today, and he was the Games top player for about as long or close to as long as most of the GOAT candidates too. Had it been Open Era he probably would have had well over 20 slams, he was such a force for such a long time.

I also dont see how Agassi's career could ever be rated above people like Lendl or Connors, unless one is going into their subjective views of his abilities more than results.
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