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Originally Posted by urban View Post
Seems to me a reasonable list, Bobby One, it is not that far from Nadal-Agassi's list. I think the top 7 should be there on every sensible list, the order is a matter of choice. How to input Nadal, is imo still too early to tell. Federer career is not over, too. Hoad is pretty high, when considering his real achievements. Some would put Budge, Kramer, Connors, Lendl (for instance on the basis of years at Nr. 1) over him.
Thanks for your words.

I agree that Nadal is too early to judge. Hope that he can continue to play. He was the only player to match or beat Federer consistently.

Hoad is difficult to rank. You are right that others have a better career. I put him so high because of his top level which probably was the best of all time.

Yes, my top seven should be included in everyman's top ten list.

Carlo Colussi once wrote that every list is a bad list which does not include Gonzalez and Rosewall. Both are underrated now when fans only know the current and recent players. Rod Laver is the only one of the older players who is acknowledged by most exeprts and fans.
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